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"Social Living in the Old Kingdom"
February 13, 2016
Dr. Leslie Anne Warden
3:30 pm Classroom 2

All too often, we reduce the ancient Egyptians to pharaohs, gods, and monuments. Such a reduction is both easy (as most of the material made in stone relates to one of those three categories) and tempting (as human beings are fascinated by the upper classes of society). This is particularly true for the Old Kingdom (ca. 2600-2200 BC), when pyramids and pyramid sites tend to dominate the narrative. But are pharaohs and pyramids good illustrators of Egyptian society? In this talk, we will strive to leave pharaohs and state gods in the shadows and focus instead on average Egyptians and the towns they lived in. We will investigate home and village life, local organization, and state-province interaction. Ultimately, we will ask: how does the ancient Egypt we know and love relate to the lived experience of your average ancient Egyptian?

Dr. Warden works in the Egyptian Old Kingdom (ca. 2600-2200 BC), commonly known as "The Pyramid Age." Her primary area of focus is archaeological ceramics analysis. Her research focuses on two ceramic forms dominant in the Old Kingdom, beer jars and bread moulds. She has used these forms to help define the functioning of the Egyptian non-monetary economy - an economy literally run on bread and beer - outside of the royal house. Additionally, she has been a member of the North Kharga Oasis Survey (NKOS) since 2001, working with pharaonic and Roman archaeology in the Egyptian oases. She is currently the project's head ceramicist.  She is broadly interested in Egyptian ceramics, the relationship of the Egyptian provinces to the capital, and non-elite material culture.

Upcoming Lectures

March 19, 2016
Annual Korsyn Lecture
Andrew Oliver
"American Travellers on the Nile: Early US Visitors in Egypt, 1774-1839"
Classroom 2
3:30 PM
This lecture is FREE!

March 19, 2016
is also
University of Pennsylvania Museum's 
Egyptomania Day!

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April 30, 2016
Room 345

May 21, 2016
Dr. Gay Robins
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Art History
Michael C. Carlos Museum Faculty Consultant for Ancient Egyptian Art

"Designing the decorative programs in 18th dynasty Theban tomb chapels: the significance of group and individual identity"
Room 345

June 11, 2016
4th Annual Mini-Seminar:
Pyramids of Ancient Egypt
Nick Picardo
Title: TBA
Dr. Steve Harvey

Title: TBA


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