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September 15, 2018
Classroom 2

Dr. Galina Belova
Academic Advisor, Centre for Egyptological Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences; Director of the Russian Egyptological Institute, Cairo.

"The Mystery of the “White Walls”: The New Discoveries of Memphis"

As part of the Russian Egyptological Institute program, a Russian team has been working since 2002 at Kom Tuman, a site near Mit Rahina, where the well-known Temple of Ptah is located. The mission has been working at the Palace of Apries, a Persian era palace, where excavations have revealed a nearly continuous, 12 meters deep, cultural layer, which dates from the Old Kingdom through the 26th Dynasty to the Persian occupation. It appears the site was in use for millennia, and was never flooded by the Nile. The team has excavated intact causeway pavers, staircases, foundation walls eight meters thick, and lots and lots of white plaster, both on and off the walls. Artifacts discovered include definable pottery strata, bread ovens, inscribed stones, and statuary.

This lecture will present the most recent result of the Russian team’s excavations and what it suggests about the use of the Memphite area over time.


Dr. Galina Belova obtained her PhD from the Ancient History Department, Moscow Pedagogic University. She directed the Centre for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CESRAS) from 1999 till 2015, and is currently its academic adviser. Dr. Belova is also the Director of the Russian Egyptological Institute in Cairo, and as such oversees several archaeological missions in Egypt, at Memphis (Palace of Apries), Alexandria (underwater Graeco-Roman excavations), the Fayum (Graeco-Roman remains), and in Luxor (New Kingdom tomb). 

FALL 2018 Scheduled Lectures


October 20, 2018
Anthropology Classoom 345
3:30 pm
Dr. Geoffrey Killen

Independent Scholar of Ancient Egyptian Wood Technology and Furniture
"Ancient Egyptian Furniture: From the Earliest Examples to Those “Wonderful Things” of the New Kingdom"


November 17,  2018
Anthropology Classroom 345
3:30 pm
Dr. John Baines

Emeritus Professor of Egyptology, University of Oxford
"Watery Landscapes of Ancient Egypt, Their Depiction, and Why They Mattered"


December 8, 2018 
*Annual Winter Party & Lecture*
Steve Harvey, PhD
Title: TBA
Room: TBA

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