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February 16, 2019
*Free Lecture*  
(Please note speaker change)
Classroom 2
3:30 pm

Dr. Heba Abd El Salam
ARCE National

Mallawi Community Outreach Project

Egypt has some of the most remarkable ancient sites in the world. Preserving these sites for the future is an essential duty, not only for Egyptians, but for the world. Many countries around the world realize the importance of these ancient sites and have worked together in various organizations to conduct restoration and conservation projects in Egypt:  these include UNESCO, USAID, ARCE and others. America plays a strong role in preserving cultural heritage in Egypt not only through restoration and preservation but also through community outreach. After the revolution in January 2011, many heritage sites were looted and damaged. For instance, Mallawi Museum was stormed, and all its artifacts were either looted or damaged.  American Egyptian scholars conducted an outreach program to the community in Mallawi.  The outreach program included oral history, living history, storytelling, handmade craft training. In this talk, the presenter will discuss how a community outreach program can be an effective approach for protecting cultural heritage for generations to come.

Dr. Heba Abd El Salam earned her PhD in public history from Middle Tennessee State University
and a master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Central Florida. She also has bachelor’s degree in Islamic and Coptic archaeology from Cairo University. As a part of her PhD program, she has studied Egyptology at the graduate level at Middle Tennessee University under the supervision of Dr. Dawn McCormack. She has working in and researching Egyptology and public history (museum studies and cultural heritage preservation). For the last five years, her main goal has been to learn about the best practices for public programming, museum education and historic and cultural heritage preservation because of the number of heritage site threats have increased in Egypt.  Her main goal was to find a way to connect the stakeholders with their museums and heritage sites. She has worked on several projects in Murfreesboro and Nashville, Tennessee. She spent her residency year at the British Museum and the Center of Cultural Heritage at Heidelberger University. Dr. Abd El Salam has excavated and surveyed at many sites in Egypt such as Abydos, Dakhleh Oasis and Beni Hassan.

SPING 2019 Scheduled Lectures


March 9, 2019: 2019 Annual Korsyn Lecture

Dr. Betsy Bryan
Alexander Badawy Professor of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Johns Hopkins University 

"The Amarna Revolution From Above: Case Studies"

Nevil, 3:30pm


April 27, 2019
Mini-Symposium “Royal Tomb Decoration and the Afterlife “
Anthro 345
Time: 1pm to 6 pm

Special Mini-Symposium Pricing: 
ARCE Members, All Students w/ ID, UPENN Faculty, Staff, & Museum Staff: $8
Museum Members: $13
General Admission: $18

Dr. Aidan Dodson
Honorary Professor of Egyptology, Department of Anthropology & Archaeology, University of Bristol

“Evolving the Magical Machine: Three Millennia of Egyptian Royal Tombs and Their Decoration”

Dr. Kasia Szpakowska
Associate Professor of Egyptology, Swansea University; Director of the Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: Second Millennium BCE (The Leverhulme Trust)

“A Magical Mystery Tour through the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife with Ra”

Third Speaker TBA


May 4, 2019
Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty
Professor of Egyptology, Ains Shams University, Cairo; former Minister of Antiquities, Egypt

"Recent Excavation at Arab Al-Hisn"
Anthro 345, 3:30pm

ARCE-PA Meet Up in DC! 
June 2019
Exact Date to Be Announced! (Keep an eye on your email)

NatGeo exhibition: QUEENS OF EGYPT

This multisensory exhibition will bring you back in time some 3,500 years, to the 18th and 19th dynasties of ancient Egypt. Get to know such legendary queens as Nefertari, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, and Cleopatra VII; see more than 300 prestigious objects, including monumental statues, sparkling jewelry, and impressive sarcophagi; and take a 3-D tour of one of the most well-preserved tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

National Geographic Museum
1145 17th St NW
Washington DC

Special ARCE Member Pricing!
ARCE members are invited to purchase discounted tickets to the National Geographic Museum's new exhibition, Queens of Egypt. Purchase a $10 ticket. This special price is available during the 2019 ARCE Annual Meeting (April 12-14, 2019) or anytime before the exhibit closes on September 2, 2019! Click here to purchase your tickets, and use the code ARCEQUEENS.

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