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2020-2021 LECTURES

Happy 15th Birthday to ARCE-PA!


We hope that all ARCE-PA members and Friends of ARCE-PA are doing well. 
We are so excited to "see" you guys again! 
We are happy to announce our new line up for Fall 2020!
Due to COVID 19 and the fact that the Penn Museum is not currently holding public lectures, we are taking the show on the road...erm...on the interwebs!

ARCE-PA will be hosting our chapter's lectures on ZOOM for the foreseeable future.  Please see the below the lecture information regarding lecture registration and Paypal information


Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 3:30 PM 

Dr. JJ Shirley

Managing Editor, JEgH

Book Review Editor, JARCE

Vice President, Pennsylvania Chapter

President, ARCE Chapter Council

“One Tomb, Two Kings: Unlocking the Sequence of Construction and Decoration in Theban Tomb 110”


Theban Tomb 110, well-known for its depiction of both Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, presents a unique opportunity to examine the degree of personal involvement that the tomb’s owner, Djhuty, had in its decoration. The epigraphic work of the TT110 Epigraphy & Research Field School over the past several years has provided new information allowing for a more nuanced understanding of the timeline of the tomb’s design. In this talk I will present the findings of the field school, suggesting a chronology for TT110’s construction and decoration and highlighting Djhuty’s participation in the process.

Dr. JJ Shirley received her PhD from The Johns Hopkins University, and has taught Egyptian Art, Archaeology and Language at the University of Michigan, University of Wales, Swansea, and as a Visiting Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University; she is currently a Visiting Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2007 she has been the Managing Editor for the Journal of Egyptian History, published by Brill, and in 2019 joined JARCE as its Book Review Editor. In 2011 she became the VP of the ARCE-PA Chapter, and in 2012 she became the ARCE National Chapters Council President. In addition, she has served as the US Representative to the IAE since 2015. Dr. Shirley has authored several articles, most recently a contribution on Second Intermediate Period and 18th Dynasty administration for the book Ancient Egyptian Administration (HdO 104), and an article on the officials who served under Hatshepsut and Thutmose III for the Theban Workshop publication Creativity and Innovation in the Reign of Hatshepsut (SAOC 69). She has participated on several archaeological projects in Egypt and Syria, and in 2014 began a new project to document and record the tomb scenes and inscriptions in Theban Tomb 110, which belonged to the royal butler and royal herald Djehuty, who served both Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. The TT110 Epigraphy, Drawing, and Research Field School is the outgrowth of that project, and trains Egyptian Inspectors from the Ministry of Antiquities in specific archaeological techniques and methodology.


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LECTURES Fall 2020:

October 17, 2020
Dr. Jane Hill
Assistant Professor, Rowan University
“Primordial Gods of Upper Egypt: Local Cult in Egypt’s Predynastic Period”

November 2020
Happy 15th Birthday Lecture!
Speaker TBA

December 12, 2020
Holiday Lecture with a ZOOM Holiday Happy Hour after the lecture!
Dr. Carl Walsh
Post-doctoral Fellow, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
“Ensembles and Assemblages: Uncovering the Egyptian Collection at the Barnes Foundation”