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2021-2022 LECTURES


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Due to COVID 19 and the fact that the Penn Museum is not currently holding public lectures, we are taking the show on the road...erm...on the interwebs!

ARCE-PA will be hosting our chapter's lectures on ZOOM for the foreseeable future.  Please see the below the lecture information regarding lecture registration and Paypal information

February 19, 2022

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Nozomu Kawai

Professor, Kanazawa University

“Tutankhamun’s Royal Court”




Nozomu Kawai is Professor of Egyptology at Kanazawa University in Japan and the director of the Japanese-Egyptian mission to North Saqqara. He earned his BA and MA in Archaeology at Waseda University and completed his Ph.D. in Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University in 2006. His Ph.D. dissertation, entitled "Studies in the Reign of Tutankhamun," is currently being reviewed for publication. Prof. Kawai has also taught at Waseda University and was a William Kelly Simpson Visiting Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. He specializes in history, art, and archaeology of the New Kingdom in Egypt, with a particular emphasis on the period from the late Eighteenth Dynasty to the Nineteenth Dynasty.



Although Tutankhamun is the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh due to the discovery of his almost intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings a century ago, his life and reign have relatively been unknown. Thanks to archaeological excavations at Saqqara and meticulous examinations of the monuments and objects in museums all over the world since the end of the last century, we have gained the data to reconstruct what Tutankhamun’s royal court would have been like.


During Tutankhamun’s reign, powerful men held an amount of influence that was, to some extent, unprecedented in Egyptian history. This lecture will discuss the political situation during Tutankhamun’s reign by examining the most influential women and men in his court, such as his wet-nurse Maia, his general and deputy Horemheb, the god’s father Ay, his treasurer Maya and others who held the power behind the throne of Tutankhamun.

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February 19, 2022

Nozomu Kawai

Professor, Kanazawa University


“Tutankhamun’s Royal Court”


March 12, 2022

Korsyn Annual Lecture

Kathryn Howley

Lila Acheson Wallace Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

“Ancient  and Modern “Body Worlds” in Egyptian Art”


April 9, 2022

Campbell Price

Curator of Egypt and Sudan, Manchester Museum


“Senenmut: An Ancient Egyptian “Pooh-Bah” and his Afterlife”


May 21, 2022

Jennifer Miyuki Babcock

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY and Steinhardt, NYU

Visiting Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute

“Drawing the Line Between “Good” and “Bad:” Aesthetic Appreciation in New Kingdom Egypt”


Saturday, June 26, 2022
In collaboration with ARCE National
Dr. Marc Gabolde, University of Montpellier 3 Paul-Valéry, FRANCE

Details to follow