The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1948 by a consortium of educational and cultural institutions to support research on all aspects of Egyptian history and culture, foster broader knowledge among the general public, and strengthen American-Egyptian cultural ties. ARCE facilitates research in Egypt by individuals and American research institutions. It provides a permanent base in Cairo for scholars studying Egypt from prehistory to the present day. More than a dozen archaeological teams sponsored by leading US and Canadian museums and universities are assisted annually by our Cairo center.
The ARCE Pennsylvania Chapter (ARCE-PA) is the local branch of the national institution and counts both members of the general public and scholars (including Dr. Zahi Hawass) among its membership. We host monthly events, from lectures to movie nights to occasional Egyptian workshops. For more information or to learn about the perks of membership, please visit our Membership page at email us.

The American Research Center in Egypt, Pennsylvania Chapter, aims to educate the citizens of Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia region about the culture and history of Egypt from the ancient through Islamic Periods. We educate through lectures, workshops, tours, and social events. Our events are led by top scholars and specialists in Egyptology and Islamic studies; however, we aim to find speakers and topics which are accessible, interesting, and fun to all audiences. We also strive to provide a community in which professionals in the field and non-professionals, of all ages, can share their knowledge, interest, and love for Egypt.

President - Beth Ann Judas, PhD - Email

Vice President - JJ Shirley, PhD - Email

Secretary - Jane Hill, PhD - Email

Treasurer - Kyle Raymond - Email

Board Member at Large - Melissa Hough

Board Member at Large - James Fulcomer

Board Member at Large- Danielle Zwang

We have board meetings immediately preceding our monthly events. All members of ARCE-PA are welcome to attend. Please email us if you would like more information on our meetings or other events.